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13 things for child’s safety

Hello Readers, Hope you all are doing well. Parenting is quite a tough job. That too parenting of a 3-12 year kid is another nerve-wracking task. This is the age in which we need to teach the child important values of life and also give him/her the experience of modern world which is not ideal. In this age, we need to educate the child bout keeping the balance between the traditional values and being practical in modern world. Here are some of the lessons; you need to teach your child at a very young age of around two years.

  1. Never Sit in anyone’s lap:

Instruct your child irrespective of girl or boy, not to sit in anyone’s lap except mother and father. Child should not be permitted to sit in laps of anyone not even uncles and aunts. Child can bond well with the relatives but you need to keep a watch.

  1. Avoid dressing in front of them:

Parents should never change clothes in front of their child, even though you feel child is just two years old and understands nothing. One should never forget that the child observes you continuously. They learn from you. So, while changing clothes, tell them to excuse or excuse yourself. And also tell them the true reason for excuse so that they learn, not to change clothes in front of anyone.

  1. Address from Adults:

In India, some adults have habit of addressing their child with some funny addresses. Never ever do this to your child. Some even address their child with things like you are my wife or you are my hubby etc. The child will start behaving like adult instead of just being a child. The child will start feeling more responsible which is not good for them.

  1. Keep check on what they play:

In modern generation, child can abuse his own self. So while sending the child to play, keep a check on him. He might be unaware about what he is playing and may be unknowingly abusing his own self. A special mention to the parents, if you consider girls and boys are equal, then never gift your daughters with utensils but gift them with aeroplanes, cars and other logical games. Tell your daughter that she can be a pilot, and racer too.

  1. Give Child’s wish a priority:

Your child may not be comfortable with some of the adults. So never force them to be with these adults. May be they must be feeling abused and are unaware about it or maybe they don’t know how to share this feeling with you or maybe they feel you won’t believe them or maybe they are just so uncomfortable with them. Also keep a check if your child is extra fond of some adult. This can also be sometimes a dangerous signal.

  1. Observe your child:

Sometimes, the nature of child changes drastically. A very lively child can become dull suddenly. Parents need to know the reason for the change. They need to analyse and search out the reasons for such change. If you are unable to find the reason, question your child regarding the same and then analyse the situation.

  1. Educate the child about sex:

Educate your child about sex at the age of nine or ten years. If you fail to educate your child the true values of sex, society will teach the bad values of sex to your child. And remember the most important thing, if you want to save your child from abuse, educate them on what is abuse.

  1. Scan things before giving them:

If your child starts watching a new cartoon, or new serial or starts taking inspiration from anything new, as a parent you should have a look on it. Check what type of values they are teaching. For example, some cartoon characters disrespect their parents so keep a check that your child doesn’t see such shows.

  1. Enable parental control:

Activate parental control on your cable pack and see what your child sees on the show.

  1. Teach Personal Hygiene:

Teach your three year old child to take care of their personal hygiene and also cleaning their private parts. Also teach them what is hygienic for their health. It is advisable if the parent with the same sex as that of the child educate the child regarding this.

  1. Blacklist some dangerous things:

Blacklist some materials or things that you feel can endanger the personal hygiene, sanity, safety and security of your child. This includes some erotic songs, videos, movies etc.

  1. Be different:

Make your child understand the meaning and value of being different or standing out of the crowd. Teach them to be tougher and make them aware about the challenges they will face while standing out of the crowd. Like a girl becoming a cricketer. It’s something really amazing and in countries like India, it is quite challenging too. So before preparing your child to be something different, make them aware that it won’t be smooth drive and you will face number of challenges.

  1. Never Ignore your child:

If your child complains you about some adult never ignore it or keep quiet. It takes a lot of courage for the child to come and speak about it in front of you. They tell you with lot of trust so never break their trust or discourage them. Also remember that in most of the child abuse cases, abuser is someone close to the family and the most unexpected person.

At the end, I would like to say please never ignore the small signals that your child is communicating with you because this ignorance can turn into a lifetime pain for your child.

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