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7 Advantages of Garbh Sanskar

In the last post, I gave you the in depth knowledge of garbh sanskar. Now we will see the advantages of garbh snaskar.

  1. Fit mother and child:

Garbh Sanskar helps in improving the health of the mother due to the healthy food, healthy practices and others. Pregnancy is said to be the reborn of the female. So, this is the time during which she can follow some healthy practices and continue it for lifetime and stay healthy for rest of the life.

  1. Self-Satisfaction

Many a times, I have seen few parents complaining that they want to do something for their child but are unable to do it or don’t know what to do about it and they feel guilty for their helplessness. Following garbh sanskar, parents can get self satisfaction that they did something for their child and feel confident about it.

  1. Positivity for life time.

During pregnancy, you follow positivity and positive attitude for nine months. Science says that if you do the action regularly for 60 days, it becomes a habit. So this positivity will be your habit and a part of your character if you keep on following it on a regular basis. This will help you in giving better lifestyle and makes you feel fresh and amazing for rest of your life.

  1. Changes the nature of the mother

The nature of the mother also changes to some extent. She becomes more tolerant, more patient, happier, more loving, more caring, more positive, less depressed, and an overall positive change. During pregnancy, females develop the habit of seeing well even in all the bad things. They believe in positivity which is necessary lesson.

  1. Natural Glow

Eating natural food, living healthy lifestyle, staying positive, avoiding junk food and fast food gives you a healthy body and a healthy heart. This will make skin healthier, blood purer which will reflect on your skin. This will give a natural glow on your face.

  1. Child as expected

If we follow garbh sanskar well, we can have the child with all the desired qualities which is good for the future of the child. So the key to success here is positive thinking, passing on the desirable qualities and staying motivated always.

  1. Improved Relationships

Pregnancy makes you calmer and more patient. You don’t become angry easily. As anger doesn’t conquer your mind easily, you can see things better, understand better, listen well which will lead to a healthy relationship of you with your partner and also the family members.

Thus, I think these advantages are enough for one to give importance to garbh sanskar and start following it. Next time will see you with some different topic. Stay Happy!!

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