Advice on joining work post pregnancy

Hello friends, writing here after long time. I hope you all are doing well and were waiting from the next update from my end. So yes here I am again with discussing the topic related to joining work post pregnancy.

Giving birth to a baby is one of the toughest task. It is said that giving birth to the baby is the second birth of the mother herself. So it takes a lot of toll on you emotionally and physically with the added responsibility of the baby.  You would consider yourself as you are elder than your usual self. So coming back to routine would surely take time. The biggest thing that most of the new mommies worry about is when can they join back to work. This question is very tricky and the answer varies from person to person depending on various conditions. So we would advice you to take following suggestions into consideration for deciding your right time.

  • Doctors approval:

Giving child birth takes a lot of toll on your body so you need to be physically fit before joining work. So in this case we would like to advice you that you first take doctors approval and plan your rejoining accordingly.

  • Managing the little one’s cycle:

Finding a pattern in breastfeeding schedule routine of your little one might take time. Sometimes you might feel the urge of staying with your little one all day as we feel we know the best for the little one. So, this can be considered as the crucial factor of great importance for rejoining work.

  • Get a Makeover: 

You can give excuse that you just gave birth or you just had gained weight taking the care of little one but you need to get a complete makeover once you decide to joining work.

  • Avoid Guilt:

Most mothers feel guilty of not providing proper time to the baby and being focused more on your job. You might have internal conflicts whether you should work or stay at home? You should think a lot on this and take help of your spouse in deciding what is right for the baby. reading the experiences of other new mommies or seeking out the help online might help.

  • Plan Well:

Planning is the key to success. Before thinking of joining to work, plan out how your mornings and evenings would be. Plan out what tasks would be carried out at what time. You also need a startup plan how would your typical week be post-joining.

  • Helping Hand: 

You can’t join work after delivery without the helping hand. You need someone to take care of your infant while you are away. This helping hand cane be of any form. It can be a nanny, baby sitter, your mom, your mother in law, relatives anybody and you surely need a helping hand.

  • Job Selection:

As a beginner mother, choose jobs with less workload,or work from home option availability. This will be better for you. Instead of a full time job you can also look after the part-time job so you can manage your work, home and kid.

  • Nearby job: 

You need to look after the job location that is near to your place so that you don’t need to spend much time traveling and this time saved can be spent with your baby. Also in case of child health emergencies, you can surely reach to your child quickly. Some mothers have their workplace so near to their homes that they can easily go at their homes in lunch, have lunch, feed baby and start working post break.

  • Breast pump:

Using breast pump or not is the sole decision of the parents. You can surely consult your family and doctor regarding this.

  • Work will be harder:

A normal hard day at work will now be quite harder with the added responsibility of baby and adjusting to its needs. So brace yourself to work harder than ever before.

What is the perfect time to go back to work?

This answer is subjective and it varies from women to women. Most Gynecs suggests that you should take off of atleast 6-12 weeks before joining work.

How to take final decision?

You can take final decision when you are physically, emotionally and mentally ready to leave your kid and start working. Then you can surely start working.

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