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Help child in learning from early stage of life

Being parents is one of the best feeling in the world but it comes with a large amount of responsibility. You are giving life to a new human at your own responsibility. But have you ever wondered the imagination power and grasping skills about the baby from its womb itself? I have explained about this in detail in my articles on Garbh Sanskar. The baby is very creative and has great grasping power. We can make use of it and help him get better future.

Following are few ways in which we can help get child of 0-2 years get better understanding:

  • Describe each thing to the child: You need to describe each thing around them to enhance their skills like,  see this frock is beautiful, its blue in colour, see we are going to eat round puris, see the water is very hot, etc. This will introduce child about things like: shape, color, clothes, feelings etc from the very early age.
  • Make child interact with others: Take your child out, let him meet people, interact with them. This will help him in becoming more confident about the things.
  • Show all animals, creatures and birds: Introduce your child to all animals, insects, trees and birds, their colour, what they speak, etc. This will give them better understanding to nature. If you see a cow passing by, show the cow to the kid.
  • React to everything: When you are with kid, you should react on everything, so the child understands feelings like joy, happiness, sorrow etc. Like if you hear a song from loud speaker, dance with toddler, if toddler hurts you, scold him, inform toddler you will hit your head with wall or you will fall if you sit on edge etc. This will help the kid to react well to all situations and you can understand the kid better.
  • Involve them in all small things: Involve toddler in small things like what food the kid wants to eat or what clothes he likes to wear etc. This will help the kid in overall development.
  • Tell Stories: Tell your toddler some basic stories like thirsty crow etc with actions. The kid will listen to you well.
  • Fix a Routine: Fix a routine time for milk, breakfast, lunch and dinner. This will irritate the kid less and will understand the importance of time. The kid will be hungry at his own time as per his biological clock.
  • Try to attend all functions, gatherings and festivals: Introduce your kid to all festivals like diwali, holi, ganesh chaturthi, navratri etc. Let them enjoy and get involved in celebration. Take the kid to all the gatherings as this will help the kid to great extend.

Thus, in this way, using these simple tips you can make kid aware and help the kid to be a stunning personnel.

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