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In Depth Meaning of Garbh Sanskar

In previous post we talked about what is Garbh Sanskar. I gave you an overview on topic and now I am back with the in depth meaning of Garbh Sanskar.

In today’s modern world, people plan pregnancy. People have some things on their bucket list to do before they conceive. I would like to use the phrase “they conceive” as I believe that both mother and father have pregnancy phase. Obviously, the father doesn’t have a baby bump but the father too has some role in the same. One should be fully prepared mentally and physically to take the responsibility of the child. So, the pregnancy should be well planned. Garbh Sanskar is the evolution of child’s life before the child takes birth actually. In simple terms, it is the moral values, tradition, culture and beliefs of a child who is yet to take birth.

The woman carries the baby in her womb for nine months. It’s important to see how baby evolves in the period of these nine months. It’s a tough task for mother to carry out the journey for nine long months. Love, care and support from the life partner and family can make this journey easier for the mother. But as we can conclude, mother obviously has more responsibility than the father as the baby actually lies in her womb.

Can you imagine your baby born with some kind of physical or mental defect? I am pretty sure that your answer would be no. Few questions like can someone survive with these defects? What about baby’s life? Who will take care of baby? Such questions might have crossed your mind within a fraction of a second. This is where garbh sanskar comes into action. We follow some old traditions during pregnancy without knowing its importance but are a part of garbh sanskar. We can say that each and everyone follows garbh sanskar without even actually knowing about it. It’s that important and common.

The increased number of cases of autism, asthma, cancer and others in a child has forced us to rethink on raising our child in a healthier way. We need to think, are we giving the best possible start? We need to think and choice well as it will have a direct influence on child.

You can follow following practices to stay healthy during pregnancy:

  • Consume prenatal vitamins, organic foods, fresh and nutrient rich foods, clean air, body care,and nutritious diets.
  • Garbh sanskar suggests practices for healthy life. This includes reading and watching funny things, communicating with baby, performing puja and other spiritual things, meditating, and healthy eating.
  • According to recent scientific research, 60% of baby’s brain develops in the womb. It is evident that baby responds to outside influences.
  • Traditionally, staying happy and doping things that keep you peaceful and fulfilled are believed to influence your unborn baby in a positive way. So stay healthy and pass as many positive vibes as you can to your baby and the people around.

So, on an end note, I would just advice you to stay happy and positive. My last piece of advice is not only for the pregnant mom’s but also for all human beings for their healthy and beautiful life. After all, we get life only once, why to waste it. Next time will come with advantages of garbh sanskar. Till then stay positive and motivated.

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