Keep Dating All your Life

I have heard usually people saying things like: “Things change after marriage ” or “My partner has started loving me less after wedding” or sometimes there are couple fights with arguments like “You have changed a lot after wedding” or “Initially, you always had time for me but now you don’t have time ” etc etc. The list is quite long and even number of pages can be written on these arguments. I personally feel that all these arguments are baseless. I believe it’s all about priorities. After wedding the priorities of life changes. Both need to work hard for better future and the career life comes in front gear. It’s not that the love has lessened but the work pressure and the stress of responsibilities as a couple becomes tough. Initially, balancing personal life and professional life also becomes tough compared to the carefree and stress free dating days. Its natural to happen so it’s useless fighting on these silly talks and better find out the way for that.

One thing that a couple can do to make things work together is keep dating all your life. Every couple should spare some hours in the week for each other even after becoming parents. These few hours should be stress free, without kids, without discussions on future, future planning. These time should be completely yours stress free and carefree. Both can catch up after work at their favorite coffee shop or book shop and spend some quality time.

These will have many advantages in your personal life.

  • Both will get the freshness in relationship.
  • It will break the monotony of relationship.
  • Both can relive their moments of life before marriage.
  • Works as a stress reliever.
  • Maintains the warmth of Relationship.
  • Helps in becoming better parents.
  • Helps in making the bond stronger.

Thus a single trick and a small initiative can bring the much needed refreshment in the relationship as a couple.

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