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Reward your child

Hello Readers, I am back with one more interesting tip. Few of the generalized tip have been already shared with you in my previous article.

Reward is necessary for everyone in their day to day life. Rewarding your kid helps him in many ways.

  • Keeps him Motivated: Rewarding your kid, keeps him motivated to continue with the hard work and achieve the things higher.
  • Learns Patience: The kid learns the importance of patience and starts believing that hard work doesn’t go waste. It comes back to you in one way or other. They develop patience and hence start believing that everything in life is not instant, everything needs time and hard work for some period of time
  • Maintains the Interest: The rewards, helps them in sustaining the interest in the things that they are doing. They develop more and more interest and hence will learn the things nicely.
  • Helps in learning new skill: This will motivate the kid to learn something new. The kid enthusiastically develop the liking for developing new skills.
  • Increased Self Confidence: Rewards boosts the self confidence in the kid. The confident kid is strong emotionally and brave at heart. In future, it will help him to be a brave individual. It helps him in taking the wise decisions and at the right time.
  • Happy Kid: All this leads to a happy kid. A happy kid will spread happiness all around. The kid himself will remain stress free and it will also help you as a parent to remain stress free.

So a child should be rewarded for all their achievements. Whether it may be scoring good in the class exams, or winning a price in some competition or behaving well at some function which they hate, etc. Everything should be rewarded. But one should also keep in mind that they should be rewarded frequently but with time, hard work to achieve the reward should also increase. Because, every coin has two sides and rewarding that frequently, will also come with some disadvantages like:

  • Devaluation: Over time child starts expecting rewards and its effect reduces to a great extent.
  • Addiction: Some kids get addicted to the rewards and won’t work hard until reward is assured.
  • Finishing: Kid focuses more on finishing the task than completing it effectively so that they can get early rewards.
  • Increased pressure: The child feels more pressured about his performance which might adversely affect his interest and work which may even lead to demotivate the kid.
  • Bribes: It can threaten the parent. The child learns that bribing someone is okay to get the work done.

So, one thing that can be done is never reward the child for the same thing again and while rewarding the kid, always set the next benchmark for the reward. Parent should motivate the kid to reach the next benchmark but never force them so that they feel stressed. Rewarding the kid surely works to a great extent for most of the kids.

On the finishing note, would like to say that every coin has two sides. So reward as and when needed but keeping the disadvantages in mind. Happy Parenting!


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