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Things you must know for first time pregnancy

I am not writing this post to instruct you about eat healthy, be happy etc. I am writing this article to make you aware about pregnancy things that no one told you before. This article is a small effort to make you mentally prepare for what’s going to come next post pregnancy.

  1. Sleep Deprived:

Baby kicks don’t allow you to sleep peacefully. But wait, this is just the beginning get ready for more. The little kid won’t let you sleep once he is in your arms. The infant would be hungry all the time initially, especially at night. You might plan to sleep during the day when baby sleeps but this also not possible because, while the little one is sleeping you might be busy completing your daily routine chores or might be busy admiring the little infant and thanking god for it’s beautiful creation. You would be busy kissing the little one, put your finger in its fits or simply gazing the little angel and so you would forget sleep and by time you finally try to sleep, the baby wake up to be fed again or to be cleaned.

2. Glow of new Mommy

Pregnant woman looks beautiful with the amazing glow because of pregnancy. Glow also increases after you become mother. But let me make you clear that with a little infant in your arms, you hardly get time for quick shower, or brushing your hair or a makeup. You can hardly make time to tie hairs in a bun. Your eyes look tired because you can’t sleep. Yes, then you will hold your baby and try to search for the glow on your face, you might not see the glow, but as soon as the little one will touch your face with its tiny little palms, you will feel beautiful, to your baby you will be the most beautiful woman in the world and yes, that smile on your face is a definite turn on for your husband.

3. Forget about the Jewellery

You might be jewellery crazy person. There are some fancy jewellery that you love to wear but we are sorry to say that you need to keep them in locker as wearing jewellery might hurt the little one. You will be okay with it but then some day you would feel like wearing one but before you could take something out of the locker your baby boo will wrap its arms around your neck, you won’t be able to wear that beautiful pendant, I mean you would not feel the need anymore because you are wearing the most precious jewel around your neck, your baby’s arms. And you know what it tickles, their tiny fingers and soft hands, it just tickles.

4. No Clean Dress

You bought a new dress and are very keen or eager to wear dress, but well let’s see for how long it will remain clean, for the baby is going to either wet it, or puke a little milk on it or simply rub its nose on your shoulder. So new dress gone. What will be funny is that you will not be able to notice it because you will either be busy cleaning the baby or laughing because nose rubbing on neck will make you smile, you know how these cute ones do it, they squint there nose, look at you with a smile, rub it on your shoulder and again smile or even laugh at your reaction. Be prepared.

5. Fear Factor

You are afraid all the time. ‘What if’ fear is common to all mothers and so you might get protective and possessive. This is going to make you a super Mom, you will experience a strange strength growing inside you, you are no longer a sweet delicate woman, you are a mom, very very strong, who can fight all odds. You can hold the baby in one arm, pick up bags in another, and cross a busy road, with an amazing precision. Being a mom will make you strong, very strong.

6. Always Emotional

If you are a movie buff then you are not going to like this one. You will not be able to watch the movies the same way you watched earlier. I am not talking about going to theaters or watching a movie in one go, that is not going to happen at all plus is something more and that is your sensitive mom nature. Any movie that will have a mother baby sequence or something happening to a child will make you restless, you will not want to watch it because it will be disturbing for you and then you are going to cry. Reading a newspaper, equally troublesome, because you will simply not be able to see any child in pain. I know you would say that this is normal nobody wants to see a child in pain but the thing is that the emotional trouble is more for a mother, you will realize it once you have that little soccer player, who is playing inside your womb; in your arms.

SO, you will be sleep deprived, your hair and dress would be messy, there will be no me time, you won’t be able to watch movies but that would not matter because those big beautiful eyes of the baby will capture your heart. That poo poo cleaning won’t matter any more because that would be a symbol of your baby’s good health, those tiny little fingers are going to hold your finger so tight that nothing in this world would seem better than this, that beautiful smile on the baby’s face will be so hypnotizing that you would do everything in this world to let that smile stay forever on your baby’s lips.

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