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What is the difference between prenatal depression, postpartum depression, and perinatal depression?

Hello folks, last time we discussed the difference between prenatal and postnatal development. Today we will discuss the difference between different stages of depression during pregnancy and the nursing period. There are majorly three stages of depression during this life phase. They are:

1. Prenatal Depression

2. Postpartum Depression

3. Perinatal Depression.

Now, let us understand each of these in detail.

Prenatal Depression

Depression occurring during the period of pregnancy is called Prenatal Depression. Due to this, they have ongoing or extreme sadness. It also causes anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, and withdrawal symptoms. Due to this disorder, people may withdraw from family and friends. If someone is suffering from this, they may even lose interest in their hobbies. Overall, the mother suffers from mental illness which needs to be treated with care. Some lifestyle changes can improve the overall mood but if the condition persists, it is better to take expert advice and undergo medications and therapies if needed.

Postpartum Depression

Giving birth to a baby is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. These emotions are spread over a vast spectrum ranging from overjoy, and relief to severe stress, fear of the unknown, and anxiety. This leads to depression. Postpartum depression is very common. Usually, the new mother experiences postpartum “baby blues” which has some symptoms like mood swings, the urge to cry loads and loads, anxiety, and sleeping issues. Baby blues usually start within two to three days of delivery and lasts up to around two weeks. If Baby blues extend for a prolonged period, it is called postpartum depression. It is not the flaw or weakness of the character but it is simply the complication of giving birth. Quick and easy treatment will help in managing symptoms and bonding with the baby.

Perinatal Depression

Perinatal is the period starting from the moment of pregnancy until a year after giving birth. So in a way, if someone experiences both prenatal and postpartum depression, it is considered as suffering from perinatal depression. Perinatal depression is a very long period of sadness and anxiety so it is extremely detrimental to one’s mental health. In such tough times, support and love from family are of paramount importance as it helps in healing the mental scars.

So, here we got brief information about the depression that lingers during the whole pregnancy and initial nursing period. Please share your valuable feedback.

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