Change in Relationship after having kid

Parenthood is one of the most important phase in the life of the couple. Being parents is one of the awesome feeling in the world. But it comes with lots of responsibilities like the responsibility of kid and others. No doubt that you as a couple readily accepts the responsibility but it changes your life upside down.

The most important thing that you realize is, initially you both were couple and now parents. Previously, all your decisions revolved around you both and now, all the decisions revolve around the little kid. Your relation changes to a great extent. The life previously was peaceful but now you should get used to the baby cry’s and feel its presence everywhere. The presence of the baby and their odd sleep timings are sometimes so awkward that parents are left with no sleep or negligible sleep. This leads to stressful parents with lack of sleep and forget about the previous romantic couple time. You get so indulged with the kid that you don’t even get the time to miss the previous romantic days. The other effects of newly acquired pregnancy is the post pregnancy depression in the mother. Each mother feels this to some extent. Mother gets obsessed about her looks and this in turn increases the stress for father. A survey, all over the world states that, the possibility of father having extra marital affair is the most after pregnancy.

So to avoid this, follow some tips so that you don’t forget being couple while becoming parents.

  • Plan some weekends together with the infant so that mother can be relaxed to some extend and the couple can have their “us” time.
  • Mostly, all females are working nowadays even after pregnancy giving their responsibility of kid to someone else. Once a month both mother and father can take a leave and spend some quality time together remembering the old golden period.
  • Father can help mother with some or the other things lessening her burden and so mother can be free early and spend some quality time with the father.
  • The couple needs to grab the opportunity of “us” time while the kid is sleeping.

There are many other ways, you can spend time with each other by proper planning and management. And at the end, as it is rightly said, the couple that survives parenthood together stays together for long.

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